Johnny Polygon – Sincerely, Mr. Polygon(preview)

One of our producers, Willie Phantom, recently brought to my attention someone who has been killing it for quite some time. So as always, I had to do a little research after he showed me this fire song in the... Continue Reading →


Meresha – New Revolution

I had the honor of being followed by this cute, vegan rising pop star that I hadn't heard of so I had to do a little investigating to see what the big deal was. I was astonished by the sound... Continue Reading →

GABRL – Still (Video)

I have been watching this artist for quite some time ever since I heard his song "Untitled" of his Here's A Mixtape project. It was one of my top song choices for quite some time. I use to get hype from that song... Continue Reading →

Noah North – Boy from the 5 (video)

My man comes in hard with another track dropping today with a dope ass visual to continue his wave of hype that he has been spreading across the industry. As you all may already know, I have been watching his... Continue Reading →

Tre Ward – My Way

I haven't written anything about a hometown hero in a while. I promise now that I have a little more time, I will be attempting these 3 posts a day, every day. One about a mainstream or relevant artist, one... Continue Reading →

Erik Hassle – Missing You (OLOV REMIX)

While going through the interweb, I discovered something that really touched my heart as I was listening to his song. A lot of music now a days is listened to as an escape from everyday life. We all have those... Continue Reading →

Louy Fierce – Not A Politician

I had someone follow me today with check mark so I decided to check out and see what he was all about. There was this song pinned to his twitter feed that had quite a lot of attention on it.... Continue Reading →

Noah North -Progress & 44 Bars(video)

The homie Noah North out of Austin, 3 hours south of Dallas, is holding it down in Cali right now still killing it on the mic. So this is a special edition because not only do I have 2 songs... Continue Reading →

J. Cole – False Prophets

The hip-hop/rap community is divided when it comes to old-school hip-hop and what it means to them. To some, the old-school is exactly what the name says, old. Something that had it's time and has nothing to do with what's... Continue Reading →

Ab-Soul – D.R.U.G.S

There's a group of successful self starters in this industry that I have been watching for quite some time. Especially after a man by the name of Kendrick Lamar was blessed enough to have a song produced by Dr. Dre.... Continue Reading →

Jay Critch – Did it Again(Video)

While searching around the interweb, I came across a name that I hadn't seen that someone famous happen to be working with to make a remix. As my curiosity takes over, I have to conduct an investigation on the original... Continue Reading →

fuckboi – Gianni & Kyle

I recently came across a couple of guys who have been showing up in quite a few places around the internet. I decided to keep an eye on them to see what might happen as they start to begin their... Continue Reading →

Alive at Virgil Normal – Alexander Spit

After posting an article about "Russ" I was on twitter telling everyone the article was up. I ended up running into an artist that I hadn't heard before in my suggested following list. For some reason I decided that I... Continue Reading →

Psycho Part II – Russ (video)

Ton reflect a very personal song, Russ and his gang come out with a fantastic visual that captures your attention. "Psycho Part II" seems to be a message to someone quite special in Russ's life. He expressing his feelings towards... Continue Reading →

Gold – Feellit (Prod. by feeliit x bobbytrill)

I'm loving the vibes that I get from the underground these days. As I continue to rise in the rap industry, I feel the need for music that keeps me inspired as hard time come around. Even hearing that other... Continue Reading →

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