I’m loving the vibes that I get from the underground these days. As I continue to rise in the rap industry, I feel the need for music that keeps me inspired as hard time come around. Even hearing that other people are going through what I’m through helps me continue on this Journey.

As I listen to Feellit’s new track, I can hear the emotions that I go through every day as I make my way in this crazy world. For anyone who is on a mission in life, this is a song that will help to remind you to keep going. The vibes that I catch from this track give me a chill and relaxed state of mind.


It took a couple listens to catch everything that Feellit is saying with his quick flow in some parts of verses. But the replay factor is so high thanks to the collaborative production effort between Feellit & Bobbytrill. I always have to give major credit for every artist that takes the time to produce, write, and record their own music.

Feellit gave us another great vibes track that you can play in your car with a smile on your face. I suggest you listen for yourself so that you can feel it as I do…pun intended. As Feellit continues to progress I know I will be keeping an eye out for what is to come as he get better with every song. Listen to Gold Below


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