After posting an article about “Russ” I was on twitter telling everyone the article was up. I ended up running into an artist that I hadn’t heard before in my suggested following list. For some reason I decided that I should check him out; this man’s name is Alexander Spit Upon looking on his account I saw he had just released a project called Alive at Virgil Normal.

I saw this quote that the project had been completed from start to finish in 10 hours! Being an artist I find this possible but also impossible at the same time because we are all picky. So I went to go listen to his record to see what he had to offer the world that only took him 10 hours to make. I was astonished with what I was listening too. This album sounds nothing like what you are listening too right now, well maybe Asher Roth. Alexander Spit has some of the greatest produced songs I have ever heard on this project. Using an organic live sound of a piano, stand-up bass, live drums, and an 808, with many other live instruments and synths, Alex takes you to another world.


Every track on this project shows that Alexander Spit has separated himself from the rest of the industry to create something that everyone will remember. I suggest you go listen to some of his music to feed your soul. A hip-hop album full of impressive music composition that only took 10 hours has to be one of the most impressive things I have seen this year. Alexander deserves all the attention he is getting as he continues to rise in this industry.

He puts his soul in not just every chord and beat that he produced for the project, but every word and expression throughout the whole project. Alex has every emotion from anger, sex, comedy, and success in this project which is why I am using the word “Project” and not mixtape, album, or EP. This is the type of music that will stand the test of time and as he grows, so will he. Alive at Virgil Normal is a classic and I can’t wait for more from Alex.

I was fortunate to find him as his documentary was about to be released about the whole project. You can check out his creative process below along with his project on Soundcloud:

And the Mini Doc:

Find him on Twitter


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