I have been watching this artist for quite some time ever since I heard his song “Untitled” of his Here’s A Mixtape project. It was one of my top song choices for quite some time. I use to get hype from that song to get whatever I needed to do finished. Now he’s back with another banger that makes you want to get up and get yours.

I hadn’t seen the name GABRL for a little while and it was nice to see a name that I had on my radar as someone that had some big potential to catch a wave. In this track he comes back to let us know that he is still doing everything that he needs to in order to get what he needs. This is a little more of a brag track to let everyone know that he is still on top and doing his thing.


I love this kind of music for inspiration to help me get myself up and doing what I need to do in order to keep my life going. Hip-hop isn’t the easiest route in life and GABRL knows that just as much as the next person who is creating their own path. It takes a lot of time and effort to really make something of yourself and songs like this express how people feel as they go on journeys such as his.

Hopefully there’s more to come soon from GABRL as this video gets me excited for what’s to possibly come. I look forward to seeing his name pop up more and more as he works with Elevator to really build his brand. It takes time to get that recognition and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to come up with next.

Check out the video here:


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