The homie Noah North out of Austin, 3 hours south of Dallas, is holding it down in Cali right now still killing it on the mic. So this is a special edition because not only do I have 2 songs for you, I have a special announcement at the end. Who is Noah North you might ask…well if you haven’t already heard his song, “GOAT” then you should probably start there. You can listen to the song that really put him on from one of my articles here. I have been watching very carefully to see what exactly Mr. North plans on doing next.

A few weeks ago he spit a freestyle over one of Logic’s beats called “44 Bars” in which the video starts off with a mannequin challenge involving his crew as he enters an LA apartment. They do a beautiful single shot throughout the whole room as he proceeds rapping with little antics throughout the room such as taking a picture, playing chess, closing the door to someone sleeping, gives a girl a kiss and then heads out. They continue to the streets of LA walking around the town and jamming in the middle of the street for a great city shot. Noah is still in one of my favorite stages that artists go through. He is on the cusp of possibly becoming something big and knows it yet he is still humble to what got him here in the first place. It shows in his words as he ponders exactly what it took to get here and what he plans to do with his new found success. This shows in not only “44 bars” but “Progress” also.


On his track, “Progress” Noah admits to how much he had to struggle through in order to get this life that he’s after. From being broke and couch surfing to LA and paid shows. He express how much he had to ignore phone calls and texts as he continued not replying to people. His mom even texted him to see where he’s been because he wasn’t even getting back to his dad. Obviously parents don’t like to see you struggle as did his, but he had to in order to pursue the dream that he was after. The chorus was very interesting to me as it seems as if he is talking to a past lover in which he still loves but can no longer have. This is my interpretation though as it could mean something completely different.

As I said earlier, Noah is in that stage all artists go through that really can define them as who they will become moving forward. Now Noah says he isn’t in this for the money, but what he shows now is that he is finally getting to that point of success. Hopefully he continues to go for the music and not for the money because the man is an artist.

Check out his new song and video below:

The video:

The Song:


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