I am an Artist from Dallas, TX who goes by the name, LSJ. I started writing poems when I was a kid in order to overcome the loss of my two sisters. As I grew older, poems turned into songs and my passion has only grown since. Throughout High School I put my heart and soul into playing basketball. Like music, basketball was a way for me to get away from the real world and create my own destiny. I was fortunate enough to play 2 years at Dallas Baptist University where during my sophomore year I found myself writing more songs in my head during practice than remembering plays.┬áIt was then that I focused my efforts towards music. I stopped playing at Dallas Baptist University and started writing. For a year and a half I did nothing but perfect my craft. I’ve had the support of many along the way, and I believe now is the best time to introduce my music to the world. I have never lost passion for the art of music, and I have never forgotten who I do it for. This is only the beginning, LSJ and his Pak Mob have their eyes on the top. This is quality music with a message, but we never forget how to have fun. My goal when you listen to my music is to take you out of reality and bring you into the world of LSJ. ENJOY!

LSJ Shops @ Legacy-7819_Fotor