There’s a group of successful self starters in this industry that I have been watching for quite some time. Especially after a man by the name of Kendrick Lamar was blessed enough to have a song produced by Dr. Dre. When a song like that comes out, I have to go investigate the background. When I discovered TDE, they showed me a different side of Hip-hop.

Yesterday one of my favorite artists on the label, Ab-Soul dropped a video for his song, “D.R.U.G.S”. To be honest I hadn’t heard the song yet so I knew I was in for a treat. So of course I had to listen to the song to see what treat I was in for. The video started with Ab-Soul singing about all of the things that he loves in life. From him mom, to his family, from friends, to the world, and then he has a clever line at the end that says most of all he loves his drugs. I found it a little comical that he used this line after saying how much he loves several more important things in life.


As you would expect from an Ab-Soul video, there’s plenty of tripy special effects. The video might make you feel like you’re on drugs or if you’re on drugs, the video might accentuate your high. In each verse Ab-Soul reveals a lot of personal information about himself and drugs. Depending on how you see it, there’s plenty of symbolic references throughout the video. Obviously there’s several interpretations of what everything could possibly mean, but I believe that’s the point. Ab-Soul is all about opening your mind beyond what you see in front of your face. I believe this video makes you question or look beyond what you might see.

You better keep all 3 eyes open as Ab-Soul continues to release his new music for his upcoming album. As I see more of what’s to come, I crave more conscious lyrics from the legend himself. I know I am excited for his next project and you should be too. Check out his new video below.

The Video:



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