I had someone follow me today with check mark so I decided to check out and see what he was all about. There was this song pinned to his twitter feed that had quite a lot of attention on it. So I went into investigate what was going on with this song. What I found was everyone praising this song and letting the artist know that he is going to blow.

I love seeing this kind of love on a song so I had to give it a listen. It started off with what I consider more of an old-school beat that gives rappers a chance to really speak on the mic. That’s exactly what Louy Fierce did on this track. He speaks a little political, but more relatable and realistic about life than everything. You can feel the emotion that he feels about the world and how it relates to him. Louy understands that he is blessed to be able to rap after seeing so much going wrong on the outside of the world.


He has a little chorus speaks to every single person out there that needs to hear “keep going” even though everything might not seem alright. He gives you a bunch of relatable lines that will have you thinking about life. Then he goes into an old-school DJ scratch telling everyone he’s “not a politician….just another rapper with a vision”. In his second verse he starts to expresses that money isn’t everything but of course it runs the world and he needs some too. Louy explains that life isn’t all about the dollar and how much he wants to continue to be himself as he goes through this journey. Mr. Fierce has a little internal conflict with himself about being or not being a politician and what that might mean.

After hearing this song by Louy Fierce I had to go explore what else he has to offer for us. Let me tell you that “Not a Politician” doesn’t even begin to break the surface on what this man has to offer. You’ll have to listen and decipher for yourself as I am all out of time. I gave you the same introduction I found that I guarantee will lead you to wanting more music from Louy. He has a project coming out soon titled, Paperwork 2, as the first one continues to hold it’s worth. I suggest you start there and keep an eye out for his upcoming project and singles as he keeps going in on these tracks.


Here’s his track “Not a Politician”:

Music video for my favorite song of his:

And his first tape:


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