While searching around the interweb, I came across a name that I hadn’t seen that someone famous happen to be working with to make a remix. As my curiosity takes over, I have to conduct an investigation on the original before I can come to any conclusion on a remix.  As I was searching around I discovered that he had just signed and was already on his way to blowing up.


The original song that Jay Critch made is called “Did It Again” which is a pretty hot song at the moment. Now I am a video person so I had to go see what the video looked like. They made a fun video that keeps you entertained as they bounce around his Maserati to the hard 808s on the track. With a banger beat, Jay gets to brag about the work that he’s put in to really get some cash and these tracks out.

The track has hints about how that might of happened but who knows. All I can say is that this track will make you want to get up and go get some cash too. Check out his song below for a little boost of “get it done” in your life. You better keep an eye on this rapper as he continues to blow up.

The video:

His Social:

Twitter: @JAYCRITCH730

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/JAYCRITCH



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