I recently came across a couple of guys who have been showing up in quite a few places around the internet. I decided to keep an eye on them to see what might happen as they start to begin their campaign. As their social accounts were created, and professional images started to get better, they started gaining traction.

After seeing them on a couple of the blogs that I find myself on and am still trying to get on, I had to go check them out in detail. I found myself in the same spot as I always am when it comes to a new artist asking the same question…what made them initially famous. So I did a little investigative observing around the internet and came across a song calld “fuckboi”.


Similar to many of their other songs, Gianni & Kyle come at you with a deep hitting bass and some rhythmic synths that will get you lost. Over this crazy beat, the two talk to a woman about how special she is and how her current man doesn’t treat her right at all. The video shows kyle on a couch with a woman as he tries to explain to her exactly what he could do for her as soon as he makes it just as the song goes. Then Gianni come in great on the chorus singing “Girl what you doing out here with a fuckboi”.

The track brings the noise from the vocals to the beat as you are submerged into every word that they speak. I recommend that you go discover these talented gentlemen before you become one of the people who missed the original wave. I look forward to seeing what these to have for us in the future.

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“fuckboi” music video:

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