My man comes in hard with another track dropping today with a dope ass visual to continue his wave of hype that he has been spreading across the industry. As you all may already know, I have been watching his every move now for quite some time. I know that he is on his way to something great as his formula is perfect for future success.

On this new track, Noah North gives us quite a display of lyrical talent leaving us without a doubt that he can spit. He gives us mad skill over a banging beat that will keep your head moving up and down. Noah will hype you up with this track as he goes in with mad bar to show the world that he has skill and isn’t going to waste it. This track, titled “Boy from the 5”, Noah North claims his city as he is the only one to ever really make a name out of Austin, TX.


This trippy visual brings out the energy of the song as Mr. North by putting him in dark areas to make you focus on him while they put other images of him over the main video. This dark video helps you to pay attention to the lyrics so that you can really take in how great of a rapper Noah North really is. This is a showcase of lyrics and I can really appreciate that as he continues to rise in this industry. Noah has shown us that no one should be questioning if he can rap or not and don’t you forget it.

As Noah North continues to release music, he gets more and more recognition for the music he makes. I know that I look forward to what will possibly come as Noah and the North gang continues to become a well recognized brand in the industry. You better keep an eye on the kid from the North as he takes over.

Check out his new video here:


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