One of our producers, Willie Phantom, recently brought to my attention someone who has been killing it for quite some time. So as always, I had to do a little research after he showed me this fire song in the title of this article. I went back and found some of the most futuristic and misunderstood music out there right now.

Johnny Polygon blew me away with his project, I Love You, Goodnight. He creates a musical masterpiece in which Johnny expresses himself in one of the rawest forms with every lyric that he gives us on this project. It takes a lot of to put out your heart and vibes that he portraits on every track. He tells the truth even if it’s not exactly what you want to hear. Johnny Polygon reminds me of an early Kid Cudi with the way he can keep you entertained while still staying true to his beliefs.


Recently,  I have only been seeing little snippets of tracks from Johnny as he keeps us waiting for another possible spectacular project. This clip entitled, “Sincerely, Mr. Polygon” showcases his talents as he tries to show everyone that current rap music is an automated mess. He gives us the big bass bumping track that’s popular right now and put his own element to the sound. Mr. Polygon goes off on just about every mainstream artist by out showcasing his talent and passion.

Everyone loves a song that can make your car vibrate from a hard hitting kick and a great bassline. Johnny Polygon just does it better as he give us another hint of his yet to be given again full potential. I know I can’t wait to see what else Mr. Polygon may have planned as this year gets going.



Take a listen to the song:

And one of my favorite videos of his:

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