Renz Young – A Northside Love Story

After having a fantastic year, Renz Young drops us a fantastic single from the heart. You can hear that there's a little pain that he has to get off his chest. With a beat that sounds like a classic, Renz... Continue Reading →


I’m Back!

For everyone that was checking out my blog to keep updates on my life's journey, I apologize for being absent over the last couple of months. As you may have seen I just released my first single titled, "Solo". After... Continue Reading →

Ben Great

I've been watching this man's potential for about a year now. About a week ago he debuted his first video to the world. I like to think that I can predict if an artist will hit or not. All I... Continue Reading →

Noah North

Noah North from Austin, TX

Devy Stonez

Back to Dallas music as something big just happened last Friday. An album was dropped by one of the bigger names and my city and he seems to be getting quite the buzz from his latest project. I keep saying... Continue Reading →

Video Alert -YG – Why you Always Hatin? Feat Drake & Kamaiyah

I just had a chance to see the new video from YG for his song "Why you Always Hatin?". This song came in clutch with a feature from Drake. A rapper named, Kamaiyah, is on the chorus giving her big... Continue Reading →

Just Matthew

Just Matthew rapper & singer, New hip hop music


This man is a bad ass artist that makes some super creative music. With his unique voice, he combines rapping and singing on a wonderful beat to create a jamming song that you haven't heard before. Working with people like... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review – TEN Ramen

Now that's some good food


Up & Coming music is some of my favorite music on the planet because it tells the real story of an artist. They show the struggle of what it took in order to get into a position to be the... Continue Reading →


I've been watching this artist for quite some time now and he has been on quite the adventure. Most popular artists are on track with what the rest of the industry is doing when it comes to sound and style.... Continue Reading →

Ray Bans

These sunglasses are timeless

Tess Henly

If you have read any of my previous articles you may know that I like to talk about a lot of hip-hop & rap. I thought I'd switch topics today and talk about some soul music. This is a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Dp Beats – A busy producer

The music industry has changed over the last decade bringing a lot more recognition to hot producers and DJ's like how hip-hop started back in the late 80's. You may not notice that there's a handful of producers making all... Continue Reading →

Dali Voodoo

I was recently showed a couple of standout songs that sent me on a hunt for more. If you ask me that's one of the key components of great music. When a song can leave you wanting to play it... Continue Reading →

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