The hip-hop/rap community is divided when it comes to old-school hip-hop and what it means to them. To some, the old-school is exactly what the name says, old. Something that had it’s time and has nothing to do with what’s going on in modern day music. When to others, old-school is everything. Without the OG’s of hip-hop, what we have now would have never been.

A few current popular artists in the industry still believe that the old-school is actually a method of learning and have channeled what they have learned into modern day music. One artist who does this oh so well is a man that goes by the name of J. Cole. From day 1, I have noticed the subtle references that show you as a listener that he knows where his music comes from. In one of his more recent songs, “False Prophets”, J. Cole uses does something a little different as he goes over the same Joey Badass did for his song “Waves”. Now if you ask me, Joey Badass’ song is already a classic. And when you have already had another great, Kanye West, take a little sample of this song for his own, it’s bound to be a classic.


J. Cole blesses the beat with his own song as he tells different points of views looking in on the industry and someone you might call your favorite rapper. As most of us hip-hop heads have said before, “I like his old stuff better that his new music”. Well J. Cole understands that complex as he vows never to think he can’t do better than what he has already made. In one of the verses, Cole suggests that some of these rappers get caught up in themselves and are unable to stay true to their original self. This shows through all of the ghost writing and bad music that can be put out and still purchased because of a brand name. I don’t want to go too far into detail about this track because it’s up to your interpretation, as J. Cole goes deep with this one. My last tidbit from this track is what J. Cole says about these new artists coming in the game. All of these wanna be for a week trap artists turned tour bus trappers because they got a little money to put a song out. He’s right to say that none of them can stack up to a great like himself.

Like I said before, I don’t want to give up the entire track because J. Cole’s language goes deep. When you put your heart and soul on a track, this is exactly the type of music that gets created. So why don’t you take a second from your busy day so that you can take a second to listen to one of the best tracks out from the future legend, J. Cole.

Check out the video here:

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