I’ve been watching this man’s potential for about a year now. About a week ago he debuted his first video to the world. I like to think that I can predict if an artist will hit or not. All I know is that I’m usually right and Ben Great is proof.

When I first heard one his tracks I don’t even think he had any real solid graphics. The song that turned me on to him is called “What I Can Be”. You can feel that he is on his way and knows what he’s about to do. He shows what his next steps are and what it will take to achieve it. The song motivates you to do what’s necessary to achieve your dreams. All of this knowledge and inspiration over a well produced beat that he flows so well with. When you a hear a song like this you just know that the artist has such potential to do something great.

In his latest video for his song “So High” he speaks truth and pain as he continues to rise in hip-hop. Dedicated to a fallen homie, Ben puts his soul on the track admitting that he has been high and focused on the future. To me this means nothing else matters and he’s on his way. With this unfortunate event keeping him motivated and clouded at the same time. I feel a message that life is hard but with the Lord on my side I will get it done.

With some unique text, some expert branding, great audio and video production, Ben Great is well on his way to doing something big. I have yet to see a project from the man but I can guarantee that’s the next step in the process. He has a few singles to keep teasing you as he gets together something big. I can’t wait to see what happens white Ben on his rise to something amazing.

His twitter is @BenGreat513

Here’s his debut music video:

The song that put me onto him:

And the rest of his SoundCloud:

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