Being from Dallas, TX I am always looking from some good music from my city and state. As some of you may know, Houston had a huge burst of hip-hop artists come out of the city in the early 2000’s that kind of defined the state. I write about a lot of Dallas hip-hop because that’s who I represent, but there are other major cities in this large state that have a thriving music scene. Austin is one of those cities that attracts very artistic people which has created an underground hip-hop scene.

Someone who has shown themselves beyond this crowd in Noah North. He has been getting quite a large amount of attention after his video for the song “GOAT” or Greatest Of All Time off of his Next Up tape. With this video getting over 1 million views in a few months and counting, he has potential to do something big with his buzz. After dropping Noah x North EP about a year ago, Noah had his a video from his single “Lambo Lifestyle” featured on World Star Hip-Hop. This is when I first started to notice the proclaimed “Arab” rapper from Austin.


After his attention on World Star, the hype was built for a big project release. His most recent project Next Up showcased his talents to have different flow and styles bringing his own elements to hip-hop. He speaks on what he is living as he rises in the industry going through the good & bad times from his perspective. He covers everything from the parties and the success to being told that you can’t and having to ignore all of the congratulations because it’s time to work. Noah brings a different sound combining good ol’ 808s and his unique voice and flow to create something you haven’t really heard. On this project he even gives you an EDM song at the end called “Wavy”.

Houston, Texas had their time in the early 2000s and as that sound has faded with the times, Texas has other major hip-hop cities ready to take the place of the great Houston. As Noah North rises in this industry, so will Austin and the potential for other artists to follow in his footsteps to really make the city pop. As the battle for Texas continues, new music is being made every day. Right now Noah has a nice upper hand with his track “GOAT” as it takes off becoming one of the biggest songs on his resume.

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