Back to Dallas music as something big just happened last Friday. An album was dropped by one of the bigger names and my city and he seems to be getting quite the buzz from his latest project. I keep saying it over and over, don’t sleep on Dallas because my city is going on come out of nowhere and it’ll be too late and it already is.

Devy Stonez recently gave us all a fantastic 4 song teaser of an EP that caught the attention of his many fans waiting on him to drop this highly anticipated EP titled Stepping Stonez. I consider that tape a classic because of the replay factor of every song. He has songs that will have you trapped in the words from the way that he flows over the beat. Each and every track gives you a different feel and keeps you wanting more. One thing is for Devy will have your head moving on every song grooving to his rhythm.

To be honest, I had forgotten that Devy was going to drop his second project because I have been so busy. I was going around my normal rotation of Dallas checking out what the city was doing and happened to wander on to his new album titled Rolling Stonez and I became quite ecstatic. I was about to leave to hit the road so I was excited that about my chance to go listen to the new project. From the first track I knew that I was in for a treat. He starts by telling a little about himself and then moves into the next track that is so freakin groovy. Some people might say that he was bringing it back but I would call it something from the future. He speaks about his struggle, success, women, and possible future as long as he stays on the course. This album is definitely a great conclusion to Stepping Stonez that Dallas and his fans everywhere have been waiting for.

As he rises so does my city, and at the end of the day that is the goal for all of the artists coming out of my city that are in it for Dallas. Devy Stonez is a great example of how original hip-hop can still be and the world will needs to see that. Listen to this treat that I have below and you’ll understand why you should never sleep on Dallas.

His Twitter: @DevyStonez

Here are the albums that I had mentioned:

Rolling Stonez:

Stepping Stonez:

His “Last Summer” music video:

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