I was recently turned on to an artist that makes some very spacey music. He goes by the name of Just Matthew; yes that includes the word, “just.” You can hear that he’s have fun doing hip-hop and that won’t change.

He likes to mix t9gether a combination of hip-hop, RnB, and ELAM music to create a unique sound. Matthew also likes to mess with his voice in unique way to give a more out of this world feeling. I find myself getting lost in his songs as they take me to another planet.

I find him relating to me through smooth conversation about women and making his life music. Just Matthew likes to talk about the beautiful women and lifestyle that he has been blessed withm He also explains what it takes to get into a position to have an opportunity to live off of this passion.

Last year he real easy an EP titled, Connery. This project has some of my go-to late night cruising classics. I recently heard a song that was titles “Leak” which has been getting quite a few placements. He might be a new artists but his business behind him is what most of you rappers wish you could have.

Being from LA, California, his music fits right in with the vibe of the West coast. Nice chill beats from a different planet that will let you travel to this distant place. I look forward to more releases from Just Matthew so I can continue to fly.

Here’s a copy of his EP on SoundCloud:


And a couple of his music videos:

Just Matthew – Bonnie (Video)

Just Matthew – Forget – Official Music Video | HeatsProductions

And here’s his…

Website: http://www.justmatthew.com/

Twitter: @realjustmatthew


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