This man is a bad ass artist that makes some super creative music. With his unique voice, he combines rapping and singing on a wonderful beat to create a jamming song that you haven’t heard before. Working with people like Chance the Rapper has put him in the correct position to do something amazing with his career.

About a year ago he released one of my favorite projects of the year, .WAV Theory. The replay value for this project was crazy! I listened to the entire project on repeat at least 10 times. The songs are so well produced like every track was produced just for him. Towkio brings some unique songs like, “Addicted”, “Reflection”, and “Oscillate” that are one of kind tracks.

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The entire project is about emotion and vibes. Towkio knows how to give you a good vibes and show it. You can close your eyes and feel the music as it gives the sensation as if you were almost floating around safely on water or through space. He brings more of a European EDM feel to some of his tracks with an upbeat transfer tempo that will have you dancing in another world. This Chicago rapper watched his friends such as Vic Mensa and Chance the Rapper become a part of the XXL Freshman class so he knows the formula.

He currently released his second project, “Community Service 2!”, a great follow up to his first project. Another unique album in which he gives you one of a kind songs that you can jam to. He brings future classics with an upbeat theme that gives the feeling of “winning!” The upbeat project is sure to lighten your mood for a good time.


Towkio has plenty of room to grow his audience possibly becoming just as big or bigger than his friend Chance the Rapper. I look forward to every Towkio song and I can’t wait to see him live. He’s a growing star with a unique sound that I can’t get enough of.

Here are a couple of my favorite songs from him:



This track has a sample you might be familiar with from John Legend:

Here’s his SoundCloud:

And his…


Twitter: @towkio


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