Today I had a little time so I decided to go see my buddies, Matt & Tuck over at TEN Ramen. I was really freaking hungry and I know every time you eat there you’ll leave full. If you have heard of this place then you already know how wonderful the food is, but if you don’t know about this restaurant you need to keep reading.

In a small up & coming area in west Dallas, right above bishop arts district on the edge of Oak Cliff in what they call West Commerce, there’s a hidden gem called TEN Ramen. Upon entry you will find people standing at a bar eating their food right in front of the food pass-through where the chefs are working diligently. They are back in the kitchen making ramen and rice bowls that range from great comfort food to a spicy bowl that will test anyone who claims to be the spicy king.

You must order and pay on a couple of iPads after checking out the enormous ordering menu composed of chalk art. Since it’s the summer time, I usually get a noodle bowl without the soup or a rice bowl full of goodness. They have such a unique flavor with a few tofu dishes that you wouldn’t even question that there’s tofu in it.

Today I got a rice bowl with chopped pork and green onions that they call Buta Sobor. I always tell them to make it spicy but it usually doesn’t come with the spicy sauce on it. This is a savory comfort dish that will fill you up for lunch or dinner. This is one of my favorite dishes on the menu. Let me explain, I could eat this once a day for a month and not get tired of it.

They use beautiful ingredients that give you a home cooked meal with a very unique atmosphere. The rule is, you can’t take anything home though. Come hungry and slurp your soup; I can guarantee you’ll have a good meal. 
Here are the rules that they hung up:

Another great dish:

An example of the menu:

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