Up & Coming music is some of my favorite music on the planet because it tells the real story of an artist. They show the struggle of what it took in order to get into a position to be the next big artist. I have been watching this artist with a close eye as he continues to rise in the industry.

Khary is in the stage of telling his story as it happens. His music shows the true passion of doing whatever it takes in order to keep moving forward. This theme is involved around his swim team brand. He is the captain of his swim team leading them to the top. Like you may have read in my articles I enjoy hearing about the struggle that it takes to become a part of the industry.


He tells his story with such emotion that you’d believe that you’re a part of his team on the way up with him. Every verse showcases the commitment that Khary has for his music in the pursuit of making the best songs for his fans. He talks about the many obstacles that has overcome and what he has planned for the future. The Rhode Island native takes inspiration from his childhood in the 90’s reminding us all about a simpler time when the world was much smaller.

It takes a true artist to be able to create songs that show a true story and and then one about absolutely nothing and they are all great to jam to. He recently released his latest project titled “intern aquarium”. You can listen to to project on his SoundCloud below. Now is the time to get on the Khary wave because he is doing nothing but growing. I just saw a post of him performing overseas on his vlog and the audience was loving every second of it! He had 7k+ at the show so I suggest you all start listening to him before he blows up.


Here’s his twitter: @sorrykhary

Here’s his SoundCloud:


And a couple of his videos:

Khary – “Ambidextrous” (Official Video)

Another one of his classics:

Khary – “Came Up” (Official Video)

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