I’ve been watching this artist for quite some time now and he has been on quite the adventure. Most popular artists are on track with what the rest of the industry is doing when it comes to sound and style. I believe the statement is, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but who likes to experience the same thing over and over? That’s not fun at all and that’s why IshDARR caught my attention.

I follow quite a few SoundCloud accounts that sort of break new artists or showcase artists that are on the rise. I like to listen to these accounts to get out of the normal Top 40 Hip-Hop flow that I get sick of sometimes. One morning of was scrolling and came upon and interesting name, ISHDARR. I had to click on his name because it was unique.

When the beat drops, I usually decide if I want to continue listening to the song. His song immediately passed my picky nature. His vocals made sense on the beat like it was custom tailored for the song. He had me addicted from the first song which had me searching for everything else he had to offer. I didn’t listen to anything else but him until I finished his two albums and then I went through them again.

Since I found him he has been gaining attention on a larger scale. With international tours under his belt. He has been touring and making great singles getting the world ready for something big. IshDARR is currently about to celebrate his 20th birthday or ISHDARR’S HB20. This party is going to be one good time. I have heard nothing but good vibes from all of his music. He likes to tell stories about the future and the past with a one of a kind voice that deserves to be heard.

I am going to continue watching this young man as he becomes one of the next superstars of the industry. With what he has accomplished at such a young age there’s so much potential for what he can become. Take a look into the world of IshDARR.

Here’s his sound cloud:

And some of his videos:

IshDARR – Too Bad [Prod. J Gramm] (Official Video)

IshDARR – Remember (Official Video)


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