If you have read any of my previous articles you may know that I like to talk about a lot of hip-hop & rap. I thought I’d switch topics today and talk about some soul music. This is a beautiful genre full of talented musicians and singers setting an emotional mood of smooth melody and rhythm.

A popular name that I’ve been watching is Tess Henly. She was born in Kent, Washington becoming the middle child of a professional singer and little sister to Carson Henly. Being from a music family, Henly started taking piano lessons at age 3.

When it comes to that smooth voice that I was talks boutique earlier, she defines the category. Tess takes you to church with every song using a live band full of instruments to really capture the full feeling of her words. Being a true soul/blues singer, you can feel so much emotion in her voice.

Tess Henly has been working her button off to make fantastic music. Her concept will strike a cord with her harmonic rhythm.when it comes to soul in this century, this woman is showing the world how it should be done.

Here are a couple of her popular music videos(The first one is the most recent):

Tess Henley – Positively Me (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Tess Henley – Daydreaming (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Tess Henley – Wonderland (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Her website: http://tesshenley.com/

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