The music industry has changed over the last decade bringing a lot more recognition to hot producers and DJ’s like how hip-hop started back in the late 80’s. You may not notice that there’s a handful of producers making all of your favorite new records. Maybe you have heard one of them say their name at the beginning like “MikeWill made it”. Most artists look for opportunities with hot producers in order to ensure that the record will be a hit. You see once  producer has a hit record, everyone wants that same type of hit record because that’s the hot sound.

One of the hottest sounds right now happens to be coming from a man who goes by the name DP Beats. You may have heard his tag, “DP on the beat” in some of your current favorite songs. For example, he produced “He Did It” by Lil Uzi Vert which is doing really well right now as it should be. He has also worked with other artists like, Chief Keef, Rick Ross, Future, Ty Dolla Sign, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, G Herbo, Soulja Boy, and many others. Right now he is on tour with Wiz Khalifa, who he has also produced songs for, and some other big names on The High Road Tour. Rumor has it that he has something big in the works with Wiz.


DP Beats never disappoints when it comes to a hot banging beat that will make a great platform for any artist to go over. Using hard hitting kicks with correct frequency balanced 808 bass, he makes sure every drop is your favorite drop. That bass in combination with sharp abundant snares and hi-hats  give you a beat that anyone can jam to. For those out there looking for new tracks because you just got a new subwoofer, I would recommend that you do some research on DP Beats and get some music that he produced. The man even has his own tapes that display the songs he has produced so you can check out all the songs he’s made on one project, what a concept!

When it comes to the list of current go-to producers that can give you those fire beats that you’ve been looking for, DP Beats should definitely be on your list. For every rap fan out there, I dare you to go look up what he’s been doing and you’ll be surprised how many times you might have already heard his music. DP Beats is on fire right now, so as he rises look out for his next hit song that takes the industry by storm.


This tape has all of his recent hits on it.

Here’s the link to his newest tape:


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