I was recently showed a couple of standout songs that sent me on a hunt for more. If you ask me that’s one of the key components of great music. When a song can leave you wanting to play it again, find out where it came from, and listen to more, you have a chance.

While browsing on Twitter, I came across my buddy Lou tweeting about some artist that had a big show coming up. I believe that he was having a show with Chief Keef. I don’t consider Chief Keef a big name like Jay Z, but his name sure carries weight. When a show like that happens in Dallas, people pay attention especially to who is opening/hosting the event.

The artist who was partnering/hosting the Chief Keef show was Dali Voodoo. I didn’t have a chance to go to the show, but I made sure to do some research into what he’s up to. I came to a conclusion that he is going to be one of the next big names to come out of Dallas. I might say that quite a bit but there’s a lot going on in this city. With his quick witted raps with some depth he sure can draw an audience. I only know of two songs that he has out and they both pass my replay factor test.

He also recently had a chance to perform with Lil Yatchy and Lil Uzi Vert on their LeftRightTour when they came to Dallas. That show ended up being a party and a half! There’s so much to do in Dallas that the big party changes every week. There’s no one set hot spot to party at; so if you have a crowd like what Dali Voodoo was performing in front of then you’re doing something right.

A few days ago Dali also released a music video for his song, “swing low”. You can check it out at the bottom of this article. Instead of the normal rap at the camera video, he has a very artsy visual unlike most up & coming artists would want to do. He has a visual that is a great attention getter with a sub story involved in the video and great angles. Dali Voodoo is making the right moves at the moment to put himself in a place of success.

Here’s his new video:

You can find his music here on SoundCloud

And his twitter is: @DaliVoodoo

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