In order to get sales, you have to have to have customers. People ask me all the time, where do you find customers looking for what you’re selling. To be honest, it’s very simple, I am where my customers are looking. Whether that be online or in person, I am exactly where I need to be in order to get the customer I am looking for. This method can help anyone in sales out in many ways. One, you aren’t wasting time trying to sell a product to everyone when in honestly not everyone is even in the market for your product. Two, you are in the conversation about the product and it’s industry. Three, you are taking an interest in what makes you money. Doesn’t that itself sound like fun?

In order to increase your sales you have to increase the amount of opportunities that you have to make a sale. It’s impossible to get every sale because a need can’t be created for every single person you come across, but I bet you can find a need for your product or products that can apply to most potential customers. When you are able to find a reason that your customer must have your product then you have a sale. When I go out and sell restaurant equipment I go into each facility and scout out opportunity that I might be able to help them with. Once I find the opportunity, I do everything to set up a meeting with the decision maker so that I can make the sale. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of it comes down to the price of the product. When

The more that you are networking in the right areas and generating new possible business, the more of a chance you have to close sales. I have a whole video lesson on how to create opportunities in everyday life and online with many examples for you to follow. Please contact me at the email address below or check out my free videos online for more techniques and training.

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