I thought I’d write about something a little off tone than my normal posts. To be honest though, what is a normal post with the the way that my blog is really set up. Technology and appeal have been dating and have been hinting at a possible marriage with som many companies coming out with different applications for technology in clothing and jewelry. For example, all of the RFID cards that are on the market now have to be protected because they can be scanned and stolen without you ever noticing something has happened until it’s too late. So companies have started making and people have started buying wallets with fibers in them to protect your card’s signal.

Fossil has wallets like this but that’s a whole different story. We are here today to discuss another trend happening in the world, the smart watch. So many tech companies that have plenty of other products like Apple, Samsung, FitBit, and ever Garmin have been releasing smart watches with plenty of different features on them. You can even pre determine your golf green based on the course you’re at with real time information on everything you might need to determine where you should hit the ball. I consider this a little bit of cheating, but I guess if everyone has one then it’s still a fair game.

Every single one of these watches has a similar design comparatively speaking. They seem to have a similar concept that includes a silicon band attached to a dull face that has no appeal to everyday life. These watches all closely resemble the typical sports watch that most people put on only to wear to the gym. So where’s the smart watch for someone who wants to have a little style or professionalism when it come to wrist wear?

The Fossil Q Founder is different from these other watches when it comes to design and presentation. Just like the Fossil brand, they took time to design this watch with style and craftsmanship in order to blend the technology that the watch incorporates with classic metal watch style.

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