I’m just waiting on this guy to blow up one day. The first time I heard one of his tracks I just knew that he had the potential to be a big name is the hip-hop names in Dallas and possibly the world. This city isn’t easy to make a name in yet he continues to make dope music so that his name will grow.

The first time I heard a track from K. Vation I was immediately ready to hear the next dope track that he had to offer. The song that turned me on to him is titled, “Vision$”. In this song he shows what it takes to have a name in an industry saturated with artists all trying to do the same thing.


You see, when you’re from Dallas, there’s really only two ways to go in the industry. You either are conscious or you’re not. In this case, his music places him on the “not” side. I don’t want to call it gangsta rap, but his music sure does have elements of that culture and the life that it represents. He tells a story of the hustle that it took to get into the position that he’s in today with clever rhymes over some hardcore production.

When it comes to a hard rap song out of Dallas, I’d say that K. Vation is one of my favorite artists to listen to. I’ve been a part of Dallas music, especially hip-hop for a long time now and he is an artist I know can capture attention. As I continue forward on my journey, I will continue to keep a close eye on K. Vation.


This is the song that originally caught my attention:

Where you can find more of his music:

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