To be honest I only found this guy because I am into up & coming artists and he is one of those artists that actually struck a chord with me. He has a vibe that can really get into. Mike SB has a combo of melodic indie/stoner music, classic hip-hop, and some truck knocking music. When it come to something different, his name has to be in the discussion.

I found him a few days after he released his debut LP, SENSEI and I’m so glad that I found it. I was actually in a rut and was running out of what I consider new music. After going through a couple songs on the album I knew that he had quite a unique flow to compliment his well equipped arsenal of music. He gives a chill out sort of vibe that you can put on and relax to. That sit back listen to this whole album on your way to and from work and if you can during work too. You can find the same feeling throughout his entire brand that he represents.


Mike SB is in that come up phase so most of his tape is about the struggles, the success, process and every little part of becoming one of the next biggest artists on the hip-hop scene. His story is told throughout the whole album and that’s what really catches my attention about the album. I went to go check him out because of his single, “oddity (prod. by pherson”. I suggest that you start your listening there; the song had the perfect beat for his voice and energy.

The entire album shows something that most artists don’t have and that’s a story. Mike SB says that he’s next up and I can believe that based on the album. I don’t want to go too far into his music because that would take away from you listening to SENSEI. All you need you know is that it’s good vibes and a good time.

You can listen to SENSEI here:

Here’s one of his videos:

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