I live in a beautiful city that was hit with an unfortunate attack recently that has really shocked us all, but we will all stay #DallasStrong because that’s what we do best. I thought I would tell the world a little bit more about how wonderful of a place Dallas is on a regular day. You all might be a little hesitant to head to Dallas or if you are here you might not want to go about the town because of the recent news. I can say after living in Dallas for 26 years, this place is one of the greatest places on the planet and you don’t want to miss out on what this city has to offer.

I’ll start off with all of the hot spots that Dallas has to offer. On a good night you can head over to Uptown, Downtown, Deep Ellum, or Bishop Arts District and you will be able to drive around the and see/hear something that looks interesting and fun enough for you to join in on. You see Dallas is such a large city that they everything is about 15 to 20 minutes away and you wouldn’t even leave the city. Not everything is actually that far, but with a combination of traffic and distance, you might have a 15 to 20 min drive ahead of you but trust me it’ll be worth it.

If you like to party like you’re still in college then Uptown is for you. This is an upscale neighborhood close to downtown located around just about every highway that leads into the city. I find myself around McKinney Ave on a good night bar hopping along the street to some of the hottest bars in the area. You will find people walking in the street and plenty a couple of places to get some late night munchies for an after party snack.


Downtown Dallas is exactly what you would think it is. Every tall building that you see has big business going on because just like they say, everything’s bigger in Texas. You can catch a busy morning around the city with everyone trying to scramble to work around 9, lunch around 12, and going home obviously around 5. If you are from out of town it can quite a spectacle to see. Don’t get me wrong, when the sun goes down the clubs open up for everyone who wants to go out and dance to the latest club bangers and EDM tracks. You can meet plenty of people who live in the area and end up bringing the party to one of the skyscrapers with a view that anyone would covet over.


When it come to food, art, and shopping, you’ll want to head over to Bishop Arts District. I recommend that you find a place to park, hop out of the car, and go take a walk to see what’s going on in The Bishop Arts District. Find youself N. Bishop Ave right off of Davis St. and you’ll run into a plethora of little shops, cafes, and restaurants with some of the most unique products that you have ever seen. Time can go by quickly as you get lost in some of these shops looking at all of the cool stuff. I have spent many days in Bishop Arts District eating, drinking, and just having a good time with all the little place there are to go see.


Last but not least, for all of the hipsters and music lovers, Deep Ellum. This use to be a huge hotspot in the 90’s for what uptown is now. Now they are re-building this part of Dallas to revitalize the once thriving area. Throughout the day this place is more a construction zone with all the work going on to get theses buildings up to date. Behind the scenes you can find some business still using some of the older buildings. There are also a few studios in the area that do some very good work. When the sun goes down, this place turns into a different animal. You have live music every night of the week at multiple locations. You can just drive around and listen until you find something that suits our interest and I guarantee that the crowd inside will be your kind of people. Deep Ellum has all sorts of little hidden gems like back door bars and hidden breweries; this place is hipster heaven.

deep ellum building

When it comes to Dallas there’s so much to do and see that you just have to be here in order to get the full experience. The whole point of this article is to show the world how wonderful of a place Dallas really is. So get up off your butt and come see us!!


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