When I was starting out as an artist and had no idea what I was doing, I got a lot of message on different social sites and in my email saying that they can help make me famous in some way or form. In the beginning I was enticed by these offers that said I have potential and they would like to help make me famous. I started going through with some of the so called deals until I realized it was a scam. Luckily for me, these well written inquires didn’t get me to give these scammers money.

Trust me, I have heard it all the offers in the world. From pay to play on a stage with an artist to I will sign you to a label and get you paid if you give me a certain amount of money. Let me tell you right now, none of these opportunities are real. I know that people get these once in a lifetime offers from celebrities or sponsors that actually go through and make them famous, but I promise you that took a lot more work than an overnight success story. The industry plans out these overnight stories so that you continue to believe that anyone can do this when in reality you can but it’s a lot more work than they actually show.

To avoid all of this nonsense is very easy, ask for the contract. Either you will read over the contract and realize that it’s a bad deal already or you need to take it to an an entertainment attorney and they will tell you if you have a deal or if you’re getting scammed. To be honest asking for the contract before a dollar is sent anywhere will scare away most scammers since they will try to get you to send them money before any type of contract is written up. If this ever happens then you will immediately know that whatever deal on the table is a scam. If they do send a contract I would ask who their attorney is that wrote this up so you can do research on them. Again if they are trying to get around giving you the information or would like money first, it’s a scam. That way you don’t even have to find and pay an entertainment attorney.

Asking questions is the key to avoiding any type of scam. Most scammers will get offended by certain questions because they either don’t have the answer to them or just realize that they have been caught and there’s no money for them. Keep your ears open, ask good questions, and know that hard work is real and overnight is fake! Now get to work!

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