I don’t even know where to start with this man. His flow is seamless, the beats that he picks are perfect for whatever he seems to be rapping about. He has created 11 projects full of lyrics that could take most of these rappers to school. The idea that you don’t know him already is ridiculous.

With his smooth voice, -topic. is able to give you his heart and soul on every single song that he releases. I can’t even compare albums or songs that he has because they all deserved to be listened to. He shows his life through lyrics and what he has learned. The way that he can relate to people through poetry is an art. He not only sees the world from an open mind, he wants to learn. I wouldn’t say that he is preaching either. I have listened to a lot of conscious music and this wouldn’t completely be under that category. The way he flows on a beat keeps your head moving and there’s so much more to his music.


This man can paint a spectacular picture about his life in the past, present, and future. Every time I hear one of his songs I can see everything that he is talking about. Especially in his latest project, “My Favorite Sweaters!”, a concept that comes with a visual, look book that goes along with the album. How unique is that? I think that’s a concept that will go down in history.

It takes commitment, raw hustle, and a lot of effort in order to create the amount of music that So So topic has been able to release which deserves a lot of respect. The fact that he is also teaching an audience as he is learning from his own mistakes gives him that much more value. His current album was all about good vibes; I know he will continue to give the world creative music that will keep your head moving.

His most recent album:a3689288600_10

Here are some of his videos:

Live show. Using a band makes all the difference-

This is one of his older videos, highly recommended:


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