If you’re new to my blog, my name is LSJ and I am a Dallas based artist who has put in some major work and dedication to be blessed enough to be the next on out of my growing city. One of the biggest parts of me even getting a little bit of success was all thanks to one man who believed in me, my dream, and the fact that I can turn a profit from my passion. Since you are reading this article I have to assume that you have been making music for a little while and you understand that making music a career isn’t easy or cheap. This is the music business and just like any other business; it takes money to make money.

Just like any company that you’ve worked for or started you have to have some sort of bank that can be drawn from in order to create that initial capital. Even most running and successful businesses have a type of bank that they use in order help with growth. If you have running business and want to expand from one product to several, funding would most likely be necessary. The same concept applies the music industry. When a single, an album, or video comes out, someone has to pay to get the product made. And as I have been preaching from the start, everything I do has to be done professionally so you have to pay for that quality somehow. Record labels will pay for artists to create a project and promote it but the artist has to pay them back plus extra. That’s where getting signed to a label really isn’t the best thing to do if making money is something that you are trying to do.

So I set out to create a business that I can release and publish my own music so I can not only have creative freedom but also make money. After a lot of planning, testing, and failure I came to the ever changing business plan that I am working from at the moment. I took this plan to a few people I know with money to spare and an investment mindset and was turned down a many times. After 3 attempts I was ready to give up on the whole industry. Somehow, my boys kept my mind focused on the goal and I went to go talk to another possible candidate. This was a man who barely knew who I was and all the work I had put in over the last few years and I really thought he was going to give me another,”no”  or “Keep working”.

I decided that instead of pitching my business plan again, I would tell this investor my story and why I want to make music a profession and how I plan on doing it. It was completely unplanned and from the heart which made my plea even more organic. Fortunately enough for me this is exactly what he wanted to hear from me. To keep his name out of this I’ll call him Mr. T to finish this article. Mr. T told me that he like my passion and drive with music and we can work something out. All of the worries in my life felt like they had just been lifted even though I hadn’t even received a dime. I was blessed enough to have several more meetings with him that turned into a $100,000 check and potential for that bank that I keep talking about if I manage to show progress with this first sum of money.

So far I have been putting the money to good use to create the professional project and release that I wanted to have this whole time. This is how most successful business stories go. The guess & check method and O.P.M.(Other People’s Money) until you can make a profit and make back what you have borrowed. I will continue to give you all updates on how this has changed my life and career as it happens. Now GO GET THAT MONEY!!!

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