As you all may know, I live in Dallas. This is a city in which we take care of each other so I thought I would take a moment to show appreciation for one of the artists that is really holding it down for this city. This is a city where nothing is given to you easy and everyone thinks that they can give it to you.

Bobby has taken his time to create one of the most well known images in Hip-Hop in Dallas, Texas thanks to his hard work that I have watched him put in over the last 3 years that I have been watching him. This is an artist that takes what he does seriously and you can tell by listening to one song. There’s no song in particular that you need to listen to, but you will understand what I mean professional as soon as you click on anything that has to do with him.


Looking back at the first time I saw him perform, I knew that he was going to leave his name down in history for Dallas music and Hip-Hop. He has that a presence that says I am meant to be on this stage so you better pay attention to what I’m doing. Bobby enunciates every word and says every bar with emphasis so that you know exactly what he is saying and what emotion he is trying to portrait. I wouldn’t say he is yelling at the audience like Rage Against The Machines, but he sure does have that volume that says you better be listening to me or I will make you listen.

Eventually one of his buddies that I was meeting with ended up showing me one of his videos so that I could get a chance to hear him through the speakers. Most artists don’t have the gift of being able to be a great recording artist and performance artist with one side not living up to the other, but Bobby Sessions has it down to a science. What he has mastered many artists will never achieve in their lives and that’s why I respect Mr. Sessions and all he has done for my city.

Here are a couple music video examples:

Bobby Sessions “Black Neighborhood” (Official Video)


This video has been getting a lot of attention lately with what is going on in America. This has many relatable themes in coordination with current and future events.

Bobby Sessions ft. -topic “Peyton Manning” (Official Video)



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