There are many ways to make yourself known on stage so that the crowd know you are suppose to be up there. I’ll give you guys a couple ways on how to really make sure the your audience knows you mean business.

  1. Use The Whole Stage – I can’t begin to tell you how many ameture events that I’ve been to where the artist doesn’t understand how much stage they have to work with. Talk to everyone in the audience by staying at the edge of the stage and use the entire the perimeter. You have to project your art through your body and your voice so that the crowd can hear, see, feel, and understand what you are giving to them.
  2. Lighting – The correct type of lighting can help create the correct atmosphere which will help the audience move as you do. This can help bring the beat alive giving another visual representation to your performance.
  3. Professional band or Beat – When you decide to take this career seriously, you’ll want to invest in having professional artists help you create your music. Without professional music, you will always be sn ameture. It takes a pro to make a pro. Think about it, if you are in front of a large audience and your beat or band sounds ameture, how is the audience even going to take you seriously? The money in order to get a professional sound is worth every penny and will help you in the long run.
  4. Back-up vocals – When it comes to stage presence, there’s nothing like someone helping you out in the background to make sure you sound exactly like you want and should sound. More vocals will give any music a much more full sound so that your music sounds like the record you created in the studio. Your voice gets much larger when have one, two, or a few extra people giving you that monster presence. This will show your audience that you are meant to be on the stage.
  5. Practice – Practice, practice, practice! I can’t say this enough. As an artist that has been in front of 7 people and thousands, the more practice, the more comfortable you will feel on stage. If you have a band practice is obvious, but you have to practice even more than you think. Even if you think that your band is ready for a performance I can guarantee you that another practice can only make you better. The more that you and your band are sync then the better the performance will be.

To sum everything up, the more professional and serious you are about your music then you will find your stage presence and overall performance. In order to be an expert at anything you have to continue to work on the craft and practice!

Come watch me perform some time and I’ll show you how it’s done!

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